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                            RULES AND REGULATIONS

                            CHAPTER ONE: SCOPE
                            (A) DEFINITIONS 
                            In these Rules and Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires:-
                            (a) “ADMINISTRATOR” shall mean and include present and former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretaries, Honorary Treasurers, Honorary Joint Secretaries of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (“BCCI”), past and present Presidents and Secretaries of Members affiliated to the BCCI, a representative of a Member of the BCCI, and any person connected with the Governance and Management of the affairs of the BCCI or of its Committees.
                            (b) “AGENTS’ REGISTER” is the register maintained by the BCCI under the Regulations for Registration of Players’ Agents.
                            (c) “APEX COUNCIL” is the principal body of the BCCI tasked with its governance as set out in Rule 14.
                            (d) “AUDITOR” is the auditor of the BCCI appointed by the Apex Council of the BCCI to discharge the functions set out in Rule 34.
                            (e) “BCCI” is the Board of Control for Cricket in India initially registered under Act XXI of 1860 at Chennai (Madras) on 28-11-1940 and subsequently registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975.
                            (f) “CEO” is the Chief Executive Officer of the BCCI appointed by the Apex Council as set out in Rule 23.
                            (g) “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” refers to situations where an individual associated with the BCCI in any capacity acts or omits to act in a manner that brings, or is perceived to bring the interest of the individual in conflict with the interest of the game of cricket and that may give rise to apprehensions of, or actual favouritism, lack of objectivity, bias, benefits (monetary or otherwise) or linkages, as set out in Rule 38.
                            (h) “COUNCILLORS” are the members of the Apex Council.
                            (i) “CRICKET COMMITTEES” are the Committees as set up in Rule 26 which consist only of former Players and are charged with selection, coaching and evaluation of team performance. 
                            (j) “CRICKET PLAYERS’ ASSOCIATION” refers to the association of Players so constituted and governed by the Code for the Cricket Players’ Association.
                            (k) “ELECTORAL OFFICER” is the person appointed to conduct, supervise and deal with issues concerning elections as set out in Rule 33.
                            (l) “ETHICS OFFICER” is the person appointed to administer the Conflict of Interest principles as set out in Rule 39. 
                            (m) “EXISTING MEMBER” is an association or other body corporate that was a Member of the BCCI immediately before the Effective Date. 
                            (n) “FRANCHISEES” are the various commercial entities who have entered into franchise agreements with the BCCI for participation in the Indian Premier League.
                            (o) “GENERAL BODY” is the supreme body of the BCCI which is constituted by its Members.
                            (p) “GOVERNING COUNCIL” is the Standing Committee constituted by the BCCI which shall be in charge of and conduct the Indian Premier League.
                            (q) “GOVERNMENT SERVANT” is a person who is employed in any department of the Central Government or any State Government. For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that a person who is an employee of a government company/ undertaking which is a separate corporation/ company is not a Government Servant.
                            (r) “IPL” refers to the Indian Premier League which is the franchise-based Twenty/20 tournament conducted by the BCCI for a maximum period of 7 weeks.
                            (s) “JOINT SECRETARY” is the Honorary Joint Secretary of the BCCI as set out in Rule 7(4).
                            (t) “JUNIOR TOURNAMENT” shall mean any age group tournaments conducted by the BCCI from time to time.
                            (u) (i) “MEMBER” is a “Full Member” and an “Associate Member” of the BCCI.
                            (ii) “FULL MEMBER” is a State Cricket Association having voting rights and as enumerated in Rule 3(a)(ii) of these Rules;
                            (iii) “ASSOCIATE MEMBER” is a Member of the BCCI not having voting rights and as enumerated in Rule 3(a)(iii) of these Rules.
                            (v) “MATCH OFFICIAL” includes Umpires, Match Referees, Observers, Statisticians, Ground Staff and Scorers so appointed by the BCCI or a Full Member from time to time.
                            (w) “OFFICE BEARER” means the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Treasurer.
                            (x) “OMBUDSMAN” is the independent grievance redressal authority set up under Rule 40.
                            (y) “PLAYER” is any Cricketer past or present registered with BCCI or any of its Members as a player and shall include any person selected in any squad to represent India in a Test Match, ODI tour match, Twenty/20 or Junior Tournament Match in India or Abroad.
                            (z) “PRESIDENT is the Honorary President of the BCCI and of the Apex Council as set out in Rule 7(1).
                            (aa) “REPRESENTATIVE” of a Member means a person duly nominated as such by the respective Full Member or Associate Member as the case may be.
                            (bb) “RULE” shall refer to any rule or sub-rule in these Rules and Regulations, and “RULES” refer to these Rules and Regulations.
                            (cc) “SECRETARY” is the Honorary Secretary of the BCCI as set out in Rule 7(2).
                            (dd) “TEAM OFFICIAL” refers to the support staff appointed by the BCCI including coaches, managers, physiotherapists, nutritionists, trainers, analysts, counsellors and medics.
                            (ee) “TOURNAMENT RULES” means the rules governing the conduct of various domestic tournaments organized by the BCCI including the IPL and such other tournaments as may be conducted by the BCCI from time to time.
                            (ff) “TREASURER” is the Treasurer of the BCCI as set out in Rule 7(5).
                            (gg) “VICE PRESIDENT” is the Vice President of the BCCI as set out in Rule 7(2).
                            (hh) “YEAR” means financial year commencing from the1st day of April and ending on the 31st day of March of the following year.
                            (ii) “ZONE” means any of the 5 zones namely North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, West Zone and Central Zone, comprising such teams as may be decided by the BCCI from time to time, and subject to the following:
                            (i) Only Full and Associate Members are entitled to field teams for Zonal tournaments.
                            (ii) The BCCI may decide on realigning the Zones in accordance with principles of expediency and competition.
                            (iii) The BCCI may, if it is expedient, combine teams for the North East and Union Territories.

                            (B) INTERPRETATION
                            (i) In these Rules, all references to Players, Match Officials and Administrators shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be deemed to include Players, Match Officials and Administrators (and/or equivalent persons) of the IPL and its Franchisees as well.
                            (ii) The EFFECTIVE DATE shall be the date on which these Rules come into force.

                            2. HEADQUARTERS:
                            The Headquarters of the BCCI shall be located at Mumbai.

                            3. MEMBERSHIP AND JURISDICTION OF MEMBERS:
                            (a) Membership
                            (i) Membership of the BCCI shall be confined to 
                            (a) Full Members; and
                            (b) Associate Members;

                            (ii) Full Members
                            A. Each State shall be represented by a state cricket association duly recognized by the BCCI and such associations shall be Full Members. No State shall have more than one Full Member at any given point of time. 
                            B. The associations who are the controlling bodies for cricket in the following States shall be the Full Members of the BCCI: 
                            1. Andhra Pradesh
                            2. Arunachal Pradesh
                            3. Assam
                            4. Bihar
                            5. Chhattisgarh
                            6. Delhi
                            7. Goa
                            8. Gujarat
                            9. Haryana
                            10. Himachal Pradesh
                            11. Jammu & Kashmir
                            12. Jharkhand
                            13. Karnataka
                            14. Kerala
                            15. Madhya Pradesh
                            16. Maharashtra
                            17. Manipur
                            18. Meghalaya
                            19. Mizoram
                            20. Nagaland
                            21. Orissa
                            22. Punjab
                            23. Rajasthan
                            24. Sikkim
                            25. Tamil Nadu
                            26. Telangana
                            27. Tripura
                            28. Uttar Pradesh
                            29. Uttarakhand
                            30. West Bengal

                            C. In States with multiple Existing Members, the full membership shall rotate annually among such Existing Members such that only one of them will exercise the rights and privileges of a Full Member at any given point of time. The rotation shall be as per the policy framed by the BCCI.

                            D. Where disputes are pending regarding the duly recognized association to represent a particular State, the State shall be represented by the recognized association, subject to any order of the Court or resolution of the BCCI as the case may be.

                            (iii) Associate Members
                            A. Any Existing Member (including an Existing Member who is not exercising the rights and privileges of a Full Member in terms of Rule 3(a)(ii)C above) shall be an Associate Member of the BCCI. 

                            B. The BCCI may induct any other entity as an Associate Member, subject to all the conditions and disqualifications laid down in Rule 3(b) below.

                            (b) Grounds for sanction & de-recognition of a Full Member
                            (1) No Member shall be entitled to any grant from the BCCI if its Constitution and/or Bye-Laws fail to provide for, or comply with the following within Three Months after the Effective Date:
                            (i) The Association shall not have any provision for any post other than the five office bearer posts of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer. It is clarified that the Association’s Governing Body/ Managing Committee may have members other than those holding the aforementioned posts.
                            (ii) There shall be a provision whereby the term/ tenure of each office bearer posts shall be three years.
                            (iii) The Governing Body/ Managing Committee of the Association shall include at least one woman, at least two representatives of players (one male and one female)and a nominee of the Accountant General of the State.
                            (iv) The Association shall grant automatic membership to interested former international players and umpires hailing from the State provided that they have not already opted for membership of another Association.
                            (v) The Association shall not have proxy voting.
                            (vi) There shall be a provision whereby the office bearers and members of the Governing Body/ Managing Committee of the Association stand disqualified under any of the grounds laid down in Rule 6(5) and Rule 14(3) below respectively. For this purpose, the expressions ‘BCCI’ and ‘Councillor’ appearing in Rule 14(3) shall be read as ‘Association’ and ‘Member of Governing Body/ Managing Committee’ respectively.
                            (vii) There shall be a provision whereby individuals who are disqualified from members of the Governing Body/ Managing Committee as aforesaid shall also be disqualified from being representatives/ nominees, patrons, advisors or members of any committee/ council.
                            (viii) There shall be a provision whereby after every three years as an office bearer (whether of the Association or the BCCI), no individual shall hold any post or be a member of the Governing Body/ Managing Committee of the Association for the next three years.
                            (ix) The Association shall appoint an Electoral Officer, an Ethics Officer and an Ombudsman.
                            (x) The Association shall have provision for transparency in line with Rules 34, 35, 36 and 37.
                            (xi) The Association shall have provision for appointment and functioning of the Ombudsman, Electoral Officer and Ethics Officer in line with Rules 32, 33, 38, 39, 40 and 41.
                            (xii) The Association shall have a provision ensuring that no social club is in management and/or control of the Association.
                            (xiii) The Association shall adopt the Agents Registration Norms as prescribed by BCCI.
                            (xiv) The Association shall have a website (to be maintained and updated at least on a quarterly basis) that carries the following minimum details:
                            (a) The Constitution, Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations, Bye-Laws and Office Orders and directions that govern the functioning of the Association, its Committees, the Ombudsman and the Ethics Officer.
                            (b) The list of Members of the Association as well as those who are defaulters.
                            (c) The annual accounts & audited balance sheets and head-wise income and expenditure details.
                            (d) Details of male, female and differently abled players representing the State at all age groups with their names, ages and detailed playing statistics.
                            (e) Advertisements and invitations for tenders when the Association is seeking supply of any goods or services (exceeding a minimum prescribed value), or notices regarding recruitment, as also the detailed process for awarding such contracts or making such recruitments.
                            (f) Details of all goals and milestones for developing cricket in the State along with timelines and the measures undertaken to achieve each of them.
                            (g) Details of all office bearers, Governing Body/ Managing Committee members and other managerial staff (including CEO, COO, CFO, etc.).
                            (h) Details of directives from the BCCI and their compliances.
                            (2) In the event of the grant being denied to any Member under Rule 3(b)(1) above, the BCCI shall directly spend the grant in respect of the State concerned in its capacity as parens patria.
                            (3) If any Association continues to be disentitled for a grant under Rule 3(b)(1) above for a continuous period of 2 years, the BCCI may derecognize the Association as a Member, and if it is a Full Member, in its place, recognize any other Association from that State which complies with the requirements of Rule 3(b)(1) above.

                            (c) Annual Updates
                            All Members shall, on or before 15th November of each year, inform and update the BCCI as to the names of their Office Bearers and the members of their respective Governing Bodies/ Managing Committees, their respective tenures, the audited statement of accounts and the balance sheets. 

                            (d) Jurisdiction
                            The territorial jurisdiction of the Full Members classified under Rule 3(a)(ii) shall be of the administrative State so defined under the Constitution except in States with multiple Existing Members as specified in Rule 3(a)(ii)C above. If a State were to be bifurcated, the newly created State would be entitled to an independent Full Membership, and shall be so inducted within 3 months of such Statehood coming into force. 

                            4. VOTE & ACCOUNTS OF TOURNAMENTS
                            (1) Each Full Member shall have one vote, to be exercised through its authorized Representative. 

                            (2) An Associate Member shall be entitled to participate in the General Body Meetings but shall not be entitled either to vote or have its representative elected to the Apex Council. 

                            (3) A Member, required to submit the annual or other accounts, balance sheets or statements of expenditure either under these Rules or under the rules of any tournament/ match, or under the resolutions or decisions of the BCCI relating to any grant, fails to submit the accounts or the statements of expenditure relating to such grant, tournament, match or otherwise, within the period stipulated thereunder, shall not be entitled to any further financial grants from the BCCI till the requirement is complied with.

                            Provided that notwithstanding anything stated above, nothing shall prevent the Apex Council, for good reason, from extending for a maximum period of 6 months, the time for submitting of accounts and statements beyond the period referred to above.